Golden Age Discount

Golden Age Discount


Individuals 62 years of age and older are eligible for a Golden Age Discount. The Golden Age Discount applies to tuition only for credit courses. Individuals must complete an application and obtain a Golden Age Card.  Students must meet all the admission and course requirements in order to enroll in the course (e.g. Application for Admission, verification of course pre-requisites). All course fees must be paid in full.


Golden Age Discount Option One:

The college will provide a 50 percent discount on tuition when students with a Golden Age Card register at any time during the registration period.


Golden Age Discount Option Two:

The college will waive all tuition for credit course audits when space is available in the class. The student must register for the course only on or after the first meeting of the course each term. Students who register prior to the first day of the term should use Option One. These tuition waivers require instructor permission, which must be obtained through an instructor signature in the audit section on the TBCC Registration and Change Form.

Golden Age Discount Application